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Aug.17.1999 -

Find Tickets for anything anywhere!!: If your interested in find Tickets for that special event!   Your sure to find them here.  Any Tickets anywhere.. @  Here[Fuddy-Duddy]

Bored of the same old windows?: Here is a cool little utility that will allow you to change the look of various windows features such as window borders and colors.  You can even change the background of individual windows or customize individual applications.  Check it out for yourself  Here. [Zeradur]

Looking for internet resources or news?: Check out this really cool site I found just playing around.  They have all sorts of Internet related resources, news and E-Commerce related material.  Go Here to see what I am talking about. [Zeradur]

Aug.16.1999 -

What's AOL's problem??!: First they have a problem with Microsoft, but now it appears they have a problem now with Blizzard.  It appears any Emails sent from Blizzard to AOL members are being blocked..  Blizzard doesn't understand why..  Goto to see what I'm talking about..  [Fuddy-Duddy]

New Official ICQ99b  v3.17 Build# 2565: This is ICQ's official release of their newest ICQ99b.  Local copy Here.  Minor fixes.. Details here.   [Fuddy-Duddy]

Java Games Page!: Well, what can I say. I was bored so I made Java Game page. Go visit it, it has lots of games, some are cool some suck. Its under the games section on the side menu or you can click Here [SlainSoul]

Aug.15.1999 -

SC/BW Page is UP!!: The SC/BW page is done. I still have some files and maps to add to it. I need strategies for it bad though, so please ICQ (20906463) or email me your strats [SlainSoul]

HL is using ICQ's Chat Room!: If you click on the Chat Room, you will find it's now linked to ICQ's whole Chat server with various rooms.  I have set it to default in #HonorLegion.  So we now have our own Chat room within ICQ's Network.  Drop by say HI.. (I personally think we should be in it all the time.. Realtime gaming) -- Click Chat Room.. [Fuddy-Duddy]

Diablo IronPerson Tourney Set!: Thanatos has provided us with Details of the Diablo Tournament starting on 8-22-1999  Here.  Be sure to sign up by 8-21-1999 to get in on the action.. Sign up by clicking on the Tournaments button.  If your not listed on the Signed up page your not playing..  [Fuddy-Duddy & Thanatos]

Aug.14.1999 -

Seed! (Demo): Download is 15 Megs.  Screenshots:  1  &  2 has a whole article on it in detail.. Here.   You can download it  Here[Fuddy-Duddy]

Indiana Jones is Back!( Demo): Download is 40 Megs.  This is only a movie folks.. and is the biggest Tomb Raider rip off I've ever seen.  Nonetheless, believe or not it looks good.. Check out the article at  Here.  Download the full better graphics version @ 40 megs Here.  Or the not so pretty version @ 4.3 Megs Here[Fuddy-Duddy]

CounterStrike Beta2!(Demo): Download is 12.5 Megs.  This is what have to say, "The beta2 release is now out! Before you install cstrike_b2.exe you must delete your old cstrike directory. Back up anything important like your config. Head over to the downloads page to start downloading. Note that this is a full download, not a patch, as just about everything (maps, models) have been updated and tweaked. The file is 12.5 megs and features 3 brand new weapons, one new item, and tweaked player model skins."  [Fuddy-Duddy]

KryoTechs cool Athlon 800 Mhz system!: Yeah it's not a type'O' KryoTech have been working with AMD to use their Athlon 600 Mhz chip and overclocked it to 800 Mhz with their system cooling.  Check out the details of the fastest PC we've seen thus far.  [Fuddy-Duddy]

Members Info Page is Back Online!: Sorry for the late post on this.. It's actually been available for a couple days now.. Anna has all you Info that's been sent in so far Online.  Submit your info if your not there already..  Contact Anna, Valor, PlayerX, SlainSoul, or Fuddy-Duddy for the username and password if you don't have it already.   [Fuddy-Duddy & Anna]

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Gaming News:


Diablo Tourney: "Tourney Date 8-22-1999" Thanatos has provided Details  Here. If you haven't signed up yet you only have until 8-21-1999 to do so. Use the Tournaments button and sign up.. [Thanatos]

StarCraft Tourney: "Tourney Date Unknown" HL's allie KQ (Kingdom of Quests) is holding a Starcraft Tourney only on the "Dire Straits" map.  Teams of 2 only, with your Race being Randomly Selected.  Details over at KQ Here. Use the Tournaments button & signup. [Fuddy-Duddy] 

StarCraft/Broodwar Tourney: "Tourney Date Unknown" If anyone is interested in joining, that would be great :) we need at least 6 ppl on our team to be able to participate. click on the ILN Clan Tourney link on their menu.   Tourney Site here. [Anna]

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