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WKC Science Links

How Things Work

This site is an online call-in site. It has answeres to questions that people have summited to Louis A. Bloomfield, Professor of Physics, The University of Virginia. It has a search engine in the site to find questions of topics that you are looking for. A great site for finding answers to many questions.
***Recommended Site***

Physics 2000

Physics 2000 has all the information about modern 20th century physics. You have any questions relating to physics this interactive site will be able ot answer almost any question.

Science Friday Kids Connection

SFKC is a site that has archives of hundreds of topics in all the sciences.

Discovery Channel On-line

The Discovery Channel has put together lots of stuff relating to our earth. Things like travel, animals, the earth, and planets. Also has a search engine to help you find the information your looking for.


All you ever need to know about the Periodic Table.


Brought to you by Yahoo!, this site offers all the information information on Yahoo! that can help students for thier research. Search engine is available for finding information.
The Science Leanring NetWork
SLN brings you links to tons of pages. These include other schools, Museums, and as well as other sciene related pages.

Nova  On-line

Science made fun. In this page you can find interesting information on a wide variety of topics. And all topics have been made to be fun.

Great Canadian Scientists

"The site consists of early draft chapters of the book." This GCS is a book that you can buy. This site has only some of the stuff that is in the book. Check it out for more info.

Science Daily News

This site has many recent science related news articles. Find information on topics that are being researched and looked at right now by scientist around the world.